Stand against DC overreach & Cancel culture. 

The 10th Amendment gives states many more rights than we are taking advantage of. Your church must seize this critical time, and promote a civic attitude and take back ground. The cultural Marxists aka Cancel Culture are pathologically malicious towards the traditional family and the Biblical church and it can't be reasoned with.


Truth & Liberty 

Stop Abortion Now


America First Policy Institute

Susan B. Anthony List

American Principles Project


7 Spheres. Deacons are uniquely able to speak to the issues, cultural challenges, and strategize how Godly men and women can take back the 7 spheres of influence including our education system, legal system, government, media, business etc. Politics is downstream from culture and Deacons are uniquely able to reclaim Godly culture by helping our congregations.


Politics. You have people in your congregation that should be running for office. Maybe YOU should run for office. Help God's people get active in their city & state..


Identify Future Leaders. We must teach what made America a great Christian nation; our church voices must be heard. Deacons are guardians of the Church and church families and Christianity to be freely observed. Therefore, we must attack evil through action. We must identify and equip people to run for office that will promote and fight for election integrity, free speech, the unborn, and 2A.


Acts 4:29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.